Six Simple Steps

WE MAKE IT EFFORTLESS to get your property upgraded to the best ultra-high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that will result in superior water and monetary savings. With every step, we strive to provide quality service and product.

  1. Water assessment & report

    A comprehensive report is developed, detailing methods and projected savings.

  2. Develop Budget Plan

    A variety of financing and credit programs are available. Using your projected savings, we develop and present a financial plan that works with you and your property.

  3. Logistics & Distribution

    We direct and ensure a fast and efficient delivery and installation time-frame. Our properties experience very little tenant inconvenience.

  4. Turnkey Installation

    We deliver a start-to-finish installation service complete with bonding and certificates of insurance.

  5. Asset Management

    After replacing your fixtures, we take care of all removal and disposal of your old fixtures.

  6. Ongoing Customer Care

    We review your progress after one month and one year. We want to make sure that your products and services truly live up to their potential!

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