Case Study

Dominion Advisors – Dallas, TX, Texas

35-50% Water Savings
  • 0.8 gpf TOILETS

    The Original Stealth Single Flush toilets replaced the existing toilets.

  • 2.5 gpm SHOWERHEADS

    Showerheads were replaced with 1.5 GPM Niagara Earth Showerheads.

  • 1.0 gpm AERATORS

    Aerators were replaced with Niagara's 1.0 GPM Dual Thread aerators.

  • 14-16 MONTHS

    These savings were captured 14-16 months after the installations were completed.

  • 3,000 UNITS

    Installations were performed on 3,000 units across three different properties

  • 500,000 MONEY SAVED

    An estimated $500,000 savings were acquired across three properties.

Herb Lee at Sustainability Solutions delivered as promised. He was in and out quickly and his follow-up was excellent.


President of Dominion Advisors

The Process

As president of Dominion Advisors, Patrick Calvano had been managing several 40-year-old complexes in Dallas for 20 years. He was looking for ways to update these older buildings to save money and cut future expenses. When he started looking into water conservation to achieve this, he found that many retrofitting companies were coming up short, demanding a share in the savings while only replacing parts in existing toilets rather than putting in new equipment.

In 2012, Patrick met Herb Lee at Sustainability Solutions. Herb performed a free audit showing how quickly Patrick could recoup the cost of installation. Herb also sold Patrick on the equipment he would use for the retrofits: Niagara Conservation toilets, showerheads, and aerators, the most efficient products on the market. For Patrick, the deal was sealed when he found out about Niagara’s 10- year warranty.

Patrick hired Sustainability Solutions to retrofit three different apartment complexes. He saw a 35 to 50% water savings with a ROI in just 14 to 16 months. Because of the reliability of the products, Patrick saw fewer maintenance issues as well, resulting in happier residents who have even thanked him for the new toilets. Patrick now recommends Sustainability Solutions retrofits for all their real estate investment clients.

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