Why SAS?

Who We Are

We are SUSTAIN-ABILITY SOLUTIONS (SAS) – a nationwide provider that focuses on water conservation through installation of ultra-high-efficiency plumbing fixtures that result in superior water and money savings.

Centrally based in the heart of Texas, our team specializes in replacing outdated toilets, showerheads, and aerators with cutting-edge alternatives.

Improving your bottom line is our bottom line: lower operating costs, less water wasted, more money saved.


Properties We Serve

  • Multifamily Communities
  • Military Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Senior Living
  • Hospitality
  • Student Housing


Every day, our team manages multiple projects of every scale. We design and implement water-saving plans to ensure you maximize your water savings and dramatically reduce your utility bill. From financial strategies to start-to-finish installation services, we assist you every step of the way.

  • Free Water Audits
  • Complete Project Management
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Strategic Portfolio Planning


  • Save up to 20-40K gallons A Year/Unit
  • Reduce Water Bill By 30-60%
  • Boost Property Value & Cap Rate
  • Multiple Labor Warranty Options
  • Limited Lifetime Product Warranty
  • Limited Tenant Inconvenience
  • Professional, Factory-Trained Install Team
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Best Technology Available

Our business success is directly linked to improving the lifestyle of the people who use and enjoy our products and supporting the properties where we operate.

Business Development Manager