Case Study

Fountain View Apartments – Long Beach, CA, California

11 Mil Gallons Saved

    The Original Stealth toilets replaced the existing 3.5 GPF toilet in every home in every apartment.


    Niagara aerators replaced the existing 3.0 GPM kitchen aerators in every apartment.


    Niagara aerators replaced the existing 3.0 GPM bathroom aerators in every apartment.

  • 3 YEARS

    These financial and water savings were captured 3 years after the installation was completed.

  • 152 UNITS

    The entire property consists of 152 units with an average of 2 people per unit.

  • 54,000 MONEY SAVED

    The retrofit has garnered more than $54,000 in savings over the course of three years.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised with additional savings simply because the new toilets have required no maintenance, which means our on-site team has more time to manage other property needs. Plus, I tried them myself and realized they weren’t yesteryear’s versions of high-performance fixtures. They had excellent performance.


Managing Director of MHE Real Estate | Fountain View Apartments


The Process

Sustainability Solutions told Nate Akiva, managing director of MHE Real Estate, that new bathroom fixtures could save MHE thousands of dollars while conserving water. His skepticism led him to test Niagara toilets and aerators at MHE offices in Marina Del Rey. Concurrently, Nate discovered a new rebate program from the City of Long Beach that covered most of the costs for newly installed toilets and water-related products. He decided to have his property, Fountain View Apartments, retrofitted with new toilets and faucet aerators.

Almost three years later, Nate is a believer. Not only do the new toilets and aerators offer high performance (no clogs, no change in tenant behavior, and virtually no decrease in water pressure), the retrofit has garnered more than $54,000 in savings. MHE Real Estate estimates that it has saved up to 40 percent on water bills annually at the Fountain View Apartments location. Today, MHE uses Sustainability Solutions and Niagara products at multiple properties.

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