Case Study

La Mesa Village – Monterey Bay, CA, California

1.1 Mil Gallons saved
  • 0.8 gpf toilets

    The Original Stealth single flush toilets replaced the existing 1.6 GPF toilet in every home.

  • 1.5 gpm showerheads

    Niagara Earth® showerheads replaced the existing 2.5 GPM ones in every home.

  • 1.0 gpm aerators

    Niagara aerators replaced the existing 2.2 GPM aerators in the bathroom of every home.

  • 708 units

    The entire property consists of 708 rooms with an average of 2.5 people per room and an occupancy of 90%.

  • 35 days

    These water savings were captured only 35 days after the installation was completed.

Each retrofit was completed with the utmost professionalism and ease thanks to the team at Sustainability Solutions.


Operations Manager

Monterey Bay Military Housing

The Process

In October 2014, property management company Monterey Bay Military Housing partnered with Sustainability Solutions, a leader in maximizing water conservation efforts, to upgrade its 708-unit La Mesa Village Community with all new, high-efficiency kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures. Monterey Peninsula Water Management District helped fund the retrofit by providing rebates for every toilet installation. Together Monterey Bay Military Housing and Sustainability Solutions provided La Mesa Village residents with new fixtures that drastically lowered utility bills and reduced maintenance issues.

According to Adrian Jimenez, operations manager for Monterey Bay Military Housing, La Mesa Village saved 1,113,500 gallons of water in January 2015 when compared to January 2014. Notable savings continued with a utility bill detailing water usage over a 35-day period that indicated 1,146,983 gallons of water was saved as a result of the retrofits compared to a utility bill covering the same time period in 2014. “The installation of Niagara Conservation’s high-efficiency plumbing fixtures have been nothing but well received by our residents in the La Mesa Village Community,” stated Jimenez. “Each retrofit was completed with the utmost professionalism and ease thank to the team at Sustainability Solutions.

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