Case Study

The Towers at CCNY – New York City, New York

5.38 Mil Gallons Saved
  • 71, 558 MONEY SAVED

    The location saved $71, 558 in the first year, which was also when they met their return on investment.

  • 1 YEAR

    These financial and water savings were captured just one year after installation was completed.

  • 236 UNITS

    A total of 236 units had all toilets, showerheads, and aerators replaced within the property.

  • 0.5/0.95 GPF TOILETS

    Niagara Dual Flush toilets replaced the existing 2.89 GPF toilets in each unit of the property.


    Niagara's Earth showerhead replaced the existing 2.38 GPM showerheads in each unit.

  • 0.5/1.0/1.5 GPM AERATORS

    0.5 & 1.0 GPM Niagara aerators replaced the 2.2 GPM bathroom aerators. Niagara's 1.5 GPM kitchen aerators with a pause valve replaced the 2.5 GPM existing aerators.

Working with BEST and Sustainability Solutions has drastically cut our water bill. Not only that, but once installed, Niagara products work well and take care of the savings for us!


Director of Housing and Residence Life


The Process

The Towers at CCNY and COCM partnered with Better Efficiency Solutions & Technologies (BEST), the leader for developing Smart Energy Strategies®, and Sustainability Solutions, a leader in maximizing water conservation efforts, to upgrade its property with 236 new Ultra-High Efficiency Niagara toilets and bathroom fixtures. BEST helped analyze the property by using its Insight Energy Report and Smart Energy Strategies® to help identify solutions that increase cash flow at The Towers.

By using BEST’s recommendations on what products to use, The Tower’s at CCNY saw 53% water savings after the replacement of their old and inefficient fixtures while also lowering maintenance costs associated with the typical flapper style toilet. Niagara Conservation’s toilet uses unique Vacuum-Assisted Stealth Technology® that flushes at under 1 gallon of water without being prone to leaks. Unlike the typical flapper style toilet found in most properties throughout the country, Niagara toilets require less maintenance and have a powerful, silent flush that cleans the bowl every time and delivers amazing savings.

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