The Towers at CCNY – New York City

The Towers at CCNY and COCM partnered with Better Efficiency Solutions & Technologies (BEST), the leader for developing Smart Energy Strategies®, and Sustainability Solutions, a leader in maximizing water conservation efforts, to upgrade its property with 236 new Ultra-High Efficiency Niagara toilets and bathroom fixtures. BEST helped analyze the property by using its Insight Energy Report and Smart Energy Strategies® to help identify solutions that increase cash flow at The Towers.

By using BEST’s recommendations on what products to use, The Tower’s at CCNY saw 53% water savings after the replacement of their old and inefficient fixtures while also lowering maintenance costs associated with the typical flapper style toilet. Niagara Conservation’s toilet uses unique Vacuum-Assisted Stealth Technology® that flushes at under 1 gallon of water without being prone to leaks. Unlike the typical flapper style toilet found in most properties throughout the country, Niagara toilets require less maintenance and have a powerful, silent flush that cleans the bowl every time and delivers amazing savings.